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Associated Fees

Seniors and their families often spend more money paying separately for mortgages, rents, groceries and utilities than they would for a comprehensive, safe personal care accommodation.

The Atrium, a Choice Community, offers competitive rates with a variety of affordable living accommodations. To assist with today’s volatile economy that brings about concerns for seniors, The Atrium allows you the choice and flexibility of living accommodations to best meet your needs and budget with our various suite floor plans.

We welcome you to tour The Atrium and look forward to discussing the individual needs of your loved one.


Our senior living community is conveniently located on Main Street in Johnstown. For more information, please contact our Personal Care Administrator, Traci Leitenberger, at 814-535-5347

For information about our monthly all inclusive pricing, please contact us and we can discuss the various options available.

Veterans Aid Benefits may also be an option for qualifying individuals.

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