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Housekeeping Director Denise Schropp proves to be a cut above

Denise has been an employee of The Atrium for 30 years, having started out in dietary, moving to dietary director and then to housekeeping director.

During the COVID lockdown this past year, Denise has not only overseen housekeeping, but also kept the residents well-groomed by giving haircuts.

As you know, we have not been permitted to have our beauty shop opened so, without being asked, Denise took it upon herself to come in on her own time and cut and curl the hair of our residents.

She wanted the families and the residents to know that even though each of their families could not come in the building that their family inside the building is still taking care of them.


Denise has been married for 45 years, she has three children and five grandchildren that make her proud. Any spare time she has she spends it with them. She also has a 35-pound mini dash hound, who her husband may or may not feed too much.

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