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'We have blessings beyond blessings' - Families stay connected at The Atrium, a Choice Community

Audrey Babich, a resident at The Atrium, a Choice Community, and her family have found a way to stayed connected regularly, even with new visitation guidelines for senior living communities across the state.

As featured on WJAC-TV, Audrey's son Jack and her daughter-in-law, Jodie, visit weekly at The Atrium's front door to see Audrey. When they visit Audrey at the front glass door, Jack, Jodie and Jack’s sister, Lynne, talk with her, and use FaceTime on their iPhones so Audrey can see her granddaughter, Ashley, her great-grandson, Andrew and other members of the family. “To just see that smile that you saw on her face is incredible," said Jack, when talking about the FaceTime calls. Jack, and the rest of his family knows this pandemic isn't going away anytime soon. "I can't wait to come down here at lunch and walk in that door and give my mother a hug, just like the old days," he said.

But Jack and his family hope others who are going through their own struggles during this time can look at things from the other side of the glass and find their own way to refocus.

'We have blessings beyond blessings. We all do. You just have to sit down to think about it. Figure out what those are," said Jodie.

To learn more about the specialized services or career opportunities available at The Atrium, please give us a call at 814-535-5347. We are located at 216 Main Street in Johnstown. You can visit our website at and follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to discover the various life enrichment activities that take place on a daily basis at The Atrium, A Choice Community.

View the featured video from WJAC-TV below-

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